MyBB Directory – Free MyBB Forum Submissions

Here you can submit your MyBB powered forum URL to the free MyBB directory from MyBBGroup to help promote your forum and increase SEO rankings with a free dofollow backlink for your forum.

To be approved in the MyBB directory, your forum must meet the following:

  1. Using MyBB forum software.
  2. Have some sort of “powered by MyBB” copyright text.
  3. Cannot contain content/discussions of porn, warez, viruses, hacking, hate speech, cracks, keygens, and any other illegal or inappropriate material.
  4. Although not required, a link back to somewhere on your forum is appreciated to help support the MyBB directory and this website.


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Please make sure your forum meets all the above requirements before submitting, otherwise your forum URL may be rejected. Meeting all the requirements ensures your forum will stay in the MyBB directory. All MyBB directory submissions will be reviewed within 24 hours.