MyBB Plugins – Top Free MyBB Plugins for MyBB 1.6

MyBB Plugins - Top Free MyBB Plugins for MyBB 1.6, 3.7 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

MyBB plugins list

The top Free MyBB plugins for MyBB 1.6

MyBB Plugins - Top Free MyBB Plugins for MyBB 1.6

There’s hundreds of MyBB plugins out there to choose from, it’s a time consuming task to try them all to see which ones are better or worse. In addition to a previous post, I wanted to expand on that, so I have created a list of free MyBB plugins that I believe are “must-have” type plugins for any MyBB powered forum website. The MyBB plugins listed below do not include paid plugins, but may require registering and posting on a forum to acquire certain MyBB plugins. for MyBB – Spam prevention

There will always be spammers, and out of all the MyBB mods this single plugin will stop most of them from registering on your forum.’s MyBB plugin prevents known spammers based on username, IP address or email from joining your board. This is really a must-have out of all the other MyBB plugins for a growing MyBB powered forum.

Download this and other MyBB plugins here

Page Manager

One of the most helpful MyBB plugins is the Page Manager, it enables you to create additional pages on your forum, great for adding a rules page, ToS page, special offers page, etc. You can use HTML, javascript, PHP and more, new pages that are created have their own unique URL for you to include in any part of your forum.

Download this and other MyBB plugins here

Google SEO

This is one of the most powerful MyBB plugins that basically changes your site to be more SEO friendly using the htaccess file. This will help in ranking your forum better in search engines like Google and Bing, and is customizable to allow SEO friendly 404 pages, meta tag descriptions for threads, URL scheme changing and more.

Download this and other MyBB plugins here

View Groups

A simple but one of the most useful MyBB plugins that displays your forum’s user groups at the bottom of your forum index (you can move this anywhere by editing the index template in MyBB). You can choose to hide certain groups (for example the Guests group) and have the option of having clickable user groups that shows all members who belongs in that group.

Download this and other MyBB plugins here

Quick Reply PM

Another small but useful of MyBB plugins is Quick Reply PM. When viewing a private massage, it adds a quick reply form under the massage so you can easily reply without having to hit the reply button.

Download this and other MyBB plugins here

Undo Delete

One of my personal favorite MyBB plugins is this one, Undo Delete enables you to restore deleted posts, threads, polls, attachments and more via Admin CP. Undo Delete creates new database tables and stores the deleted content there, you can bring back most deleted content at anytime. You can also prune the Undo Delete tables of deleted posts, threads etc at anytime.

Download this and other MyBB plugins here

Fit on Page

The Fit on Page MyBB mod scales oversized images made in post messages down to fit on page without breaking your forum layout, very useful for photography forums. If you have a fluid forum layout, this will automatically adjust the image size to fit on screen.

Download this and other MyBB plugins here

Form Manager

Another one of my personal favorite MyBB plugins, Form Manager lets you create any kind of forms like a contact us, staff application, etc. You can customize all the fields and add text box (for name, email, subject, etc), text area (for comments), radio buttons, check boxes and even your own HTML block. You can also add a CAPTCHA item to stop bot spam. The form results can be either emailed, PMed or posted to anyone or anywhere. Out of most MyBB mods, this one is very customizable.

Download this and other MyBB plugins here

Note: You must have 6 MyBux (about 6 posts) on the forums to download this.

Profile Comments

For better interaction between your forum members, Profile Comments lets you comment on each other’s profiles. You can choose to allow/disallow HTML, smilies, BBCode and images. When a member receives a new comment, they get an alert message like how they get a new private message.

Download this and other MyBB plugins here

Future MyBB plugins list updates

This concludes my list of the top free MyBB plugins, however this list will be updated over time as new plugins are released. A special thank you to all MyBB plugin developers who created and continue to create these awesome MyBB plugins.

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